Federal funds

Non-interest bearing deposits held in reserve for depository institutions at their district Federal Reserve Bank. Also, excess reserves lent by banks to each other. The New York Times Financial Glossary

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federal funds UK US noun [plural] (also fed funds) GOVERNMENT, FINANCE
money that the US government makes available for each state to pay for projects or research: »

Local taxes fund $4.7 billion of spending on schools, with state and federal funds providing the rest.


Many of the housing projects in the area were built with federal funds and tax credits.

$70,000/$2 million/5.5 billion, etc. in federal funds »

The national laboratory is spending $60 million this year in federal funds on advanced biodetection systems.

use/receive/lose federal funds »

The proposal would offer states flexibility in using federal funds to expand health insurance coverage.

in the US, money that banks give to federal reserve banks to lend to other banks who need it: federal funds (interest) rate »

The Fed has taken the decision to cut both the discount rate and the federal funds rate a quarter point.

Compare STATE FUNDS(Cf. ↑state funds)

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